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All tables come with one pass and one chair.

Corporate space is sold by the square meter.  Please enquire with your requirements.

Wall/Perimeter tables are more expensive than aisle tables, but provide the trader with the ability to display behind them as well as on the table.

Backing tables will only be available with the wall/perimeter tables.

To purchase tables please visit our STORE
(You will need to set up and account with us to book tables.)

Please select your requirements, once you have done this you will be asked to either pay via Paypal or via bank transfer.  If you choose Paypal you will automatically receive a receipt.  Those choosing to pay via bank transfer will be sent payment information within 24 hours of placing your order.


Set up times are :

3pm till 8pm - Friday
6-30am till 8-30am - Saturday
8-00am till 8-45am - Sunday

All floor and aisle space must be cleared before the doors open.

PLEASE NOTE :Traders will not be able to set up after these times as there is a risk of accidents to the public.

Break-down will be 5-30pm until 7-30pm Sunday


Loading & unloading is via the car park at the rear of the venue accessed from the main road.  The shutter doors will be open as per the times stated above.


The site is manned by security guards who patrol the venue regularly.  No admittance into the venue will be permitted out of set-up times.   The car park and entrance to the venue is manned by security and barriers.

During the event  the venues security guards will be around the various rooms ensuring  there are no issues.  They also man the doors and keep an eye on crowd control and the car parking areas.


Car parking is available to traders and exhibitors and is chargeable.  This is however on a first come first served basis and subject to availability.   You will need to display your parking pass at all times.


Our trading hours are 9am (Platinum/VIP/early birds till 10-30am )till 5-00pm - Sunday 9am till 5pm.


All traders are expected to have the appropriate insurance policies in place to trade at any public event.   Whilst we do not always ask for proof of your policy we assume you are covered.  Occasionally, we will ask to see your documents, please bring them with you to the show as evidence.


If you are requesting electricity (There may be a charge) then you must be able to provide PAC certificates for any equipment you are going to use.

Electricity is only available only if pre-booked.

For more information please visit


You can sell any items that is horror,  film & TV, comic or game  related.

We ask if you are displaying over 18's material that it be displayed appropriately as there will be children walking around.

If you are selling licensed goods then it is expected and assumed you have the correct paperwork verifying you eligibility to retail these goods.

Blades, swords and imitation firearms must be displayed within the appropriate covered units, ensuring the public cannot touch or pick up these items.

Small press and creators can only retail their own work.  It is illegal to sell licensed products without the appropriate permissions.  Anyone doing so may be asked to leave the building.

Table Prices

Wall/perimeter Tables - £140
Wall/perimeter Tables with backing table - £155
Aisle tables £100
Additional passes £15



Please get in touch with your requirements.


Please note the prices do not include electricity - should you require this please let us know and we will arrange for the venue to discuss your requirements direct.

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